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Clean Palette Clean Home

Clean Palette Clean Home

White is a staple color that has recently been called boring and predictable I'm here to tell you that white is an unbeatable base to build your color scheme on. All year long through every season, white is flexible and adaptable. From Superbowl Sunday to Christmas, you need decor that you can live in and around that will be good for your changing style. White is the most reflective shade in our arsenal, and because of all those lightwaves that are reflected, it expands the room to our eyes. There are many shades of white to pick from, some grayer in hue and some bluer.

White is the most versatile color you can use for your room. For some, once they make the leap and paint their walls orange or buy a patterned couch they soon discover that all their accessory and furniture options are cut significantly based on what color and texture they are trying to pair. Not white! because white is a combination of all shades and hues it pairs with every color and gives off a feeling of cleanliness and purity. Something I like to do with white if I'm layering it is using different textures, a chunky knit and fluffy fur textures bounce off each other well with the clean, fresh, and brightness of white.

Earthy tones like wood, stone, and marble help propel that fresh and pure feeling. Using natural wood colors and textures add warmth to the sometimes too-sanitary feeling of all-white, and on top of that wood is an incredibly durable material that is eco-friendly. It comes in many different shades and durability.

How to keep my white from yellowing?

It's an unfortunate fact that whites will start to yellow eventually. The easiest things to look after are machine washables like sheets, pillow covers, towels, and throw blankets. Whenever I buy a couch I make sure most of the pieces have covers I can take off and wash separately, just in case of a spill or my furry friend brings muddy paws in.

In order to keep your whites bright as long as possible wash them separately, and every month throw half a cup of vinegar into your load, it will rejuvenate your textiles. A common mistake I always make is I fill my machine to the brim but the clothes need room to move and wash so make sure your machine is only ¾ of the way full.

Tufted beds are maybe the most challenging of the textiles to clean but they don't need to be cleaned as often. All they need as upkeep is to be vacuumed occasionally and spot cleaned. Make sure when you are spot cleaning to read the cleaning code attributed to your piece, they are usually on the attached tag.

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