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  • How I get a quote?
    You have two options. 1. Online – below or click here (get a quote ) bottom 2. Book a FREE consultation – give us a call on (206) 755-5660 or send an email to and one of our team members will meet you for a consult at your property within 24 hours (or later if that suits you better). You will receive your own comprehensive, obligation-free quote the same day/night.
  • How much does the consultation cost and what happens during?
    It’s completely FREE! One of our designer team members will meet you at your house. They will ask you a few questions to get a better understanding of your situation and to determine what kind of staging would be the most beneficial option for you. The whole process goes for about 15-30 minutes.  Quite often we try to give you tips to make your property more presentable for sale. That way even if you choose not to go ahead with our services, we were at least able to nudge you in the right direction.
  • I’m happy to go ahead, what do I do now?
    That’s great! The next step is to book an install. Just give us a call to lock it in or email us at you will receive the confirmation date, place and time. Attached the receipt and link to do the payment.
  • How do you choose the style? Can I choose the style?
    We choose the style based on the demographic area of your listing and style of home. So many factors to consider and our designer team always delivered. Feel free to let us know if you have a certain style preference at the time of our initial conversation, we always try to take it into consideration. But ultimately, the style we choose is based on what works best for your home, in combination with the target audience, as well as what is available to us at the time of the install.
  • Will you work with my budget?
    Absolutely! We always try to consider your budget across all aspects of our styling. At first, we present you with the best-case scenario (full style). You then let us know how it sits with your budget and if needed, we can scale it back and change things accordingly.
  • What if I accidentally damaged something?
    Please let us know as soon as you can, either by a phone call or an email. It is your (the homeowner’s) responsibility to return all items in good order. Depending on the type of damage it is, we may have to pass the repair costs onto you.
  • What if my house sells early?
    Woohoo, congratulations! Pop the champagne! This is always a lovely compliment to us, because it means we must have done our job well. Unfortunately, there is no refund.
  • Why should I choose Zable Staging?
    Apart from being the industry experts and having an amazing Team, what really makes us stand out is our Customer Service.  Our number one priority is to always make sure that everyone is looked after (from real estate agents, to buyers & sellers). Everything we do and offer, revolves around this – our communication management, fast turn-around and flexibility. All this is bundled up with an outstanding done job. That’s Zable Staging.  Our values:  Customer Service – We always make sure that everyone is looked after and 100% satisfied with the end result.  Communication – We won’t leave you hanging! Fast replies, returned phone calls and open communication throughout the entire process.  Fast Turn-Around – same day quotes, next day installs, urgent jobs welcome.  Flexibility – Need to push back the date? Do any last-minute changes? No worries! We got you!  Quality Products – We only own good quality & high-end furniture, rugs, artwork, and accessories, to make sure your house is associated with higher value.  We own our inventory  – we choose the best of the best from furniture to small details.  Beautiful Style – The designers at Zable Staging will combine attention to detail, design expertise and superior service to ensure that your property is the one that potential buyers remember. It will be a pleasure to work with you not only one time, creating long term relationships is always our goal.
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